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A woman dreams of having a slim body and a harmonious body. Fitness is one of the secrets of a woman’s beauty and elegance, unlike a fat woman who suffers from a lack of self-confidence, and the difficulty of wearing the clothes she loves.


What are dynamic body sculpting operations?

 They are full-body shaping operations and redistribution of the fat map in a way that can smoothly, highlight the aesthetic features of the whole body


Where the fat is taken from the areas of fat accumulated in the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, and butt, and redistributed in the areas where it is desired to give the skin more freshness, such as the face and cheeks area, or show a better size such as the chest or butt


What are the latest methods of liposuction and body sculpting?


Vaser technology is one of the latest and best liposuction techniques that help to get the best and fastest results.


What is the difference between 4D dynamic body sculpting and liposuction?

When performing a dynamic four-dimensional body sculpting, fat is suctioned, then redistributed and injected in a way that is consistent with the body and with the natural muscles, curves, and protrusions of the body, unlike the traditional liposuction process.


Does the operation require a local or general anesthetic?

Local anesthetic can be used for suctioning small areas or for one area. For large or multiple areas, it is preferable to use either partial or total anesthesia.


Are there wounds and scars after the operation?


The length of the wound does not exceed 1 centimeter and does not leave any trace on the skin


Are there any risks for liposuction and body sculpting?


 4D dynamic body sculpting is very safe, both during and after the operation, without causing damage to tissues, skin, or the patient as a whole


Can I go about my daily life after the operation?

The recovery period is very short, you can return to work 48 hours after the operation, with the commitment to wearing the medical compression uniform (corset), and you can exercise after the operation within two weeks at most.