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Weight gain is one of the most important things that occupy us and disturb us in life, some people have become the numbers of the scale visit them in their nightmares!


 Some suffer from health diseases due to obesity, while others pose a threat to their lives, such as heart patients, diabetes patients, and high blood pressure, and their lives depend on losing excess weight and getting rid of those fats,


What is the gastric sleeve operation?

The idea of ​​sleeve gastrectomy depends on reducing the size of the stomach by removing a part of it that is about 70-80% of its size, leaving a rather small part similar to a small bowl so that a feeling of satiety occurs after a small meal of food.


Candidates for sleeve gastrectomy

Certain people and certain cases need a gastric sleeve operation so that they are obese to the point that the rest of the weight loss methods are almost ineffective with them and they failed to lose weight despite repeated attempts through harsh diets.


After the operation

In the first month after the operation, the list of allowed foods will be adhered to until the stomach heals, which are easy foods and liquids in small quantities that the stomach can tolerate.


You will notice the difference with your first meal because you will feel full soon after you start eating


 With time, you will notice a decrease in weight, an increase in general activity, and an improvement in the body's health status as a whole, while adhering to vitamins and nutritional supplements according to the doctor's instructions.