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Considering the breast and buttocks are among the most important aspects of femininity and beauty for women, the demand for breast and buttock augmentation has increased recently to give a more confident, attractive, and feminine appearance.


One of the best and safest options for augmentation is the use of autologous fat injection


Or use completely safe silicone implants.




Reasons for a small breast or buttock size:


 Family: without satisfactory reasons.

 As a result of hormonal disorders during puberty.

 After pregnancy and lactation.

After weight loss or slimming operations



Breast and buttock augmentation with autologous fat


These are semi-surgical operations in which the desired result is obtained, and they are done by using the self-fat in the body itself, suctioning it, and then re-injecting it to enlarge the breast area or the buttock area.




What are the side effects of fat injections?




It has never been proven, nor in any study on this subject, that the fat that is injected into the body may turn into cancerous cells because it is autologous fat from the inside of the body from the same patient.




When is it better to use completely safe silicone implants?


It is preferable to use completely safe silicone implants if you want to get a more prominent shape, especially in breast atrophy cases or cases where the breast size is very small, as it may be difficult for fat injections to repair them.


Can silicone implants cause breast cancer?

In many large studies conducted around the world to this day, it has been proven that silicone implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer and do not cause any kind of malignant disease for women.


Silicone implants approved by the World Health Organization are used


Can I go about my daily life after the operation?

The recovery period is very short. You can return to work 48 hours after the operation, with the commitment to wear the special medical uniform and adhere to the doctor’s instructions. You can exercise after the operation within two weeks at most.